Hey gang, I know you guys haven’t heard from me in a while. I’m just letting you know what projects I’m trying to finish up and get ready for the new year!

If you follow me on places like Twitter, Instagram, DeviantArt, etc, I’ve been posting some mostly sketch stuff, some from old sketchbook that I finally uploaded. So spread the word or start following me there for updates

I have been working on some new comics, but haven’t uploaded them as I’m trying to build a little buffer for the start of the new year. Also I’m working on my next book, “A Series of Public Embarrassing Failures” which will collect the first 10 years of “Broke Comics” in full color!

My Patreon is still a thing and I swear I have a some updates that I’m making just for supporters there very soon.

I’m hoping to start live streaming some more art stuff on my Twitch page this week, check me out live!

I’m also trying to update my site and have my own online store here at Alecfritz.com, so look for that soon. But in the meantime you can purchase some Original Art, Books and more at my EBAY page.

I’m spinning some more secret plates as well, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some things. I was just updating both of you that still may check out my site what’s been going on :)

Spread the Word!